Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Christians don't talk much about heaven. I wonder why?

As an ordained minister for almost 60 years, I can count on one hand the people who have any concept of what heaven will be like. If I ask for their opinion they say: "I don't have any idea except it will great over there." I wish someone would send me their opinion about what they think it might be like in the next world. How about you?

Better than the Alternative

A friend stopped to talk with me in a store when I wasn't feeling well. I told him about my health problems and he said it was better than the alternative. "Oh, I replied, you mean to die and go straight to heaven and never have any more problems?"
He looked stunned and said "I'm going to have to stop saying that. Your right."

I found a blog in a ditch...

I finally learned what a blog is....It's short for weblog. Or a diary posted on the internet. Here is a blog by my daughter Debbie who does her stuff in N. Canton Ohio.

My Grandson

Novice Monks in Burma