Thursday, January 15, 2009


Anarchy is derived from a Greek root word meaning “without a rule.” When laws are not obeyed and authorities are despised and without force - when crime goes unpunished, property is attacked, the safety of the individual is violated, the morality of the people is corrupted, the disregard for the constitution, our government, and there is a complete absence of justice - these are the features of anarchy.

Maybe someone could tell me what these words mean: “illegal aliens.” I think I know what illegal means. It means an unlawful, criminal act. Aliens could be any foreigner who tries to sneak into our country without permission or a passport. For most of my life the legal and honorable way to enter our country was to get a visa, learn English, and apply for citizenship.

It's bad enough for Europe and many other countries to be filling up with Muslims and "terrorist". If they are good Muslims who believe and follow the Quran, then they will eventually attempt to kill, murder, and destroy all Christians and Jews. Why? Because it's clearly taught in the Quran. I'm shocked to see Americans protesting the self defence of Israel. I wonder what our country would do if Cuba was shooting Missiles into South Florida, killing innocent people and children?

Muslim leaders state that their goal is to convert the whole world to Sharia Law and force every nation on earth to bow to Muslim law. Our world is clearly in a state of Anarchy when the extremely wealthy people and corporations who want cheap labor demand that the politicians ignore the laws and allow “illegal immigrants” to flood into any country.

Pretending that it's some kind of "morality, compassion or kindness" to allow people to violate the laws of our nation is nothing more than lunatic liberalism. It trashes the very foundations and concepts of the founders of our country. The death of America is not very far away when the majority of Americans have never read or studied American History. I spent my time in a University carefully studying American History.

This U-tube video is an excellent presentation of the true concepts of our founding fathers for a free, safe and prosperous America. It may shock many people who believe that the founding fathers "wanted to create a Democracy". Recognizing the inherit danger of "Majority rule" they wisely chose to create a Republic.

Here's a test of whether or not you would like to live under a true democracy. Picture yourself on a deserted island with 90 pot smoking dope addicts who believe in the most vile perverted lifestyle imaginable. You are shocked and dismayed to learn that your one vote is meaningless because 90 of these people will always outvote you every time. That's a democracy.

No matter how reasonable and just our laws may be - there will always be a screaming, angry marching mob of people who will never give up until their perverted and immoral lifestyle can rule the day.