Monday, September 29, 2008


Honesty is always the best policy. Obama would help himself if he could tell us who he really is. Most people have a pretty good track record of being able to spot the tiny clues that let us know when we are being conned. It's easy to win the confidence of people when we are being honest and very, very, difficult when we have something to hide. Unless of course, you have some other "kinky" reason for wanting to vote for him.

He seems to keep telling us that he is going to give us change. Does that mean nickles and dimes or a quarter every so often? Everyone wants to know the specifics of what he means by "change."

America has the best track record of any nation on earth of accepting people from different nationalities, ethnic origins and religious beliefs. There are 259 different Churches listed in Atlanta Georgia. Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Nazarene, Baptist, Methodist, church of God and so on. It's a very long list.

The Internet is full of articles, post, and websites stating very emphatically that Barrack Obama was raised as a Muslim. Yet he goes to great length to say that he is not a Muslim, never has been one and is a "Christian". He went to great length to say that he had been a member of the Church of Christ for over 20 years, and didn't know that Jeremiah Wright, his pastor and mentor was a radical racist who hates America and shouted on Television: "God damn America". Rev. Jeremiah Wright pastors a church that gladly accepts "Muslims" as members.

It seems to me that with America spending it's "blood and treasure" to fight Muslim extremist and terrorist in Iraq, Afghanistan, and say nothing of the 3000 people who died in the World Trade Center in New York - that Obama needs to make it very clear where his allegiance is going to be as President of the United States. I've read on the Internet where he said: "If there has to be a choice I will side with my Muslim brothers".

Obama's official campaign site has a page titled "Obama has never been a Muslim, and is a committed Christian." The page states, "Obama never prayed in a mosque. He has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian who attends the United Church of Christ."

Yet the accumulated research from primary sources who knew Obama from his childhood indicate that he was a devout Muslim, the son of a devout Muslim, the step-son of a devout Muslim and the grandson and namesake ("Hussein") of a devout Muslim. He was registered in school as a Muslim and demonstrated his ability to chant praise to Allah in impressive Arab-accented tones even as an adult. Just as he has not disavowed his "uncle" Jeremiah, neither has he disavowed his Muslim faith that he was born into, raised with, celebrated and never abandoned. He just covered it over with a thin veneer of his own self-styled "Christianity."

In his autobiography, "Dreams From My Father," Obama mentions studying the Koran and describes the public school as "a Muslim school."

February 28, 2008. Kristoff from the New York Times a year ago: Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it'll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as 'one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.' This is just one example of what Pamela is talking about when she says 'Obama's narrative is being altered, enhanced and manipulated to whitewash troubling facts.'

In an interview with Nicholas Kristof, published in the New York Times, Obama recited the Muslim call to prayer, the Adhan, "with a first-class [Arabic] accent." The opening lines of the Adhan (Azaan) is the Shahada: "Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! I witness that there is no god but Allah I witness that there is no god but Allah I witness that Muhammad is his prophet...."

According to Islamic scholars, reciting the Shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith, makes one a Muslim. This simple yet profound statement expresses a Muslim's complete acceptance of, and total commitment to, the message of Islam. Obama chanted it with pride and finesse.

Obama wants it both ways, has always wanted it both ways. Black and white, Indonesian and American, Muslim and Christian. He loves playing one off the other, using one to hide the other even as the traces of the truth may be assembled to reveal the whole cloth of deception and self-promotion he has been weaving so skillfully since his childhood. No wonder he is a man of change. He IS a changeling, a veritable chameleon, adapting and amending his life story to fit the circumstances.

An American Expatriat in Southeast Asia blog, written by an American who has lived in Indonesia for 20 years and has met with both the Taliban and al-Qaeda, contains the following:

"Barack Hussein Obama might have convinced some Americans that he is no longer a Muslim, but so far he has not convinced many in the world's most populous Muslim country who still see him as a Muslim and a crusader for Islam and world peace."

"Barack Hussein Obama's race, his staunch opposition to the war in Iraq, his sympathy to Islam and Muslims worldwide and his Muslim heritage receive the Indonesian media coverage. There is no mention of his apostasy."

"A good example of how some of the Indonesian media is reporting on Obama's religion can be found in the following."

"What I found interesting in the article was the use of the word 'mengaku' when refering to Obama's conversion from Islam to Christianity. The word 'mengaku' in Indonesian means "claimed" and as such leaves the insinuation to the native Indonesian reader being that Obama might actually still be a Muslim.

But this is how Indonesians see Obama, they don't see him as an apostate at all, they see him as a crusader for the cause of Islam."

I still remember very well traveling across Indonesia by myself. I got the courage to do that because the Missionary I was going to work with didn't get my cable. I couldn't get a hotel room because the Politicians had booked every room in Jakarta. A man in the airport put me in a Taxi at four o'clock in the morning to take me to a bus that would drive all day to Bandung. I couldn't speak a word of the language and was overjoyed when I arrived at the Missionary's house.

The next day I was talking to Reverend Mcgraw and a military plane flew so low over his house that I thought it was coming through the roof. He explained to me that it happened every day. The government didn't want any foreign Missionaries in their country and used all kinds of harrassment to drive them out. When I finished with several weeks of nightly church services I must say I was glad to leave.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama promised an audience in a Jewish synagogue an "unshakable commitment" to Israel if he is elected. Obama also asked the crowd not be put off by his "funny name" and said that it was equivalent to the Hebrew "Baruch." He denied that he was raised as a Muslim, brushing aside his many anti-Israel friends: "There is not a single trace of me ever being anything more than a friend of Israel and a friend of the Jewish people," Obama said, warning the crowd not to believe fliers and e-mails that suggested otherwise. "Judge me by what I say and what I've done. Don't judge me because I've got a funny name. Don't judge me because I'm African-American."

The questions from the B'nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton Florida touched on Obama's policy proposals and his personal life. When asked about his Muslim name, Obama said it had the same roots as "Baruch" and meant "one who's blessed." Some in the audience wore buttons that spelled out Baruch Obama in hebrew letters.

"Israel has many friendships, but none is deeper than the bond between Israel and the United States of America," Obama said, drawing applause from a packed auditorium at the B'nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton. "A broad majority of Americans understand this special relationship, and when I am in the White House, I will bring an unshakable commitment to maintaining that bond."

One questioner, Michael Ackerman, began his query by listing people linked to Obama who had been hostile to Israel, including a professor of Arab studies at Columbia University, Rashid Khalidi. asking the senator to name close friends who were Jewish and pro-Israel. "I hesitate to start listing them out," Obama said, saying it made him recall the old stereotype in which people say, "I'm not prejudiced. Some of my best friends are Jewish." (Why couldn't he name just one???)

Then Obama got himself into hot water, again suppressing the full truth and ignoring well-documented facts: "You mentioned Rashid Khalidi, who's a professor at Columbia. I do know him, because I taught at the University of Chicago. And he is Palestinian. And I do know him, and I have had conversations. He is not one of my advisers; he's not one of my foreign policy people. His kids went to the Lab school where my kids go as well. He is a respected scholar, although he vehemently disagrees with a lot of Israel's policy."

But Aaron Klein, the Jerusalem bureau chief of World Net Daily, points out that Obama's association with Khalidi, go far, far beyond a "conversation." Khalidi's deep personal ties to Obama were first exposed by WND in a widely cited article. According to a professor at the University of Chicago who said he has known Obama for 12 years, the Democratic presidential hopeful befriended Khalidi when the two worked together at the university, that the two families dined together a number of times, and that the Obamas even babysat the Khalidi children.

Khalidi in 2000 held a successful fundraiser for Obama's failed bid for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and an anti-Israel Arab group, the Arab American Action Network -- AAAN -- run by Khalidi's wife, Mona, received subtantial funding -- $75,000 over two years -- from a Chicago nonprofit, the Woods Fund, for which Obama served as a paid board member in both years. What a coincidence.

I'm amazed at all of the "post on the internet" about Obama that show him saying whatever it takes to please the group he is with. He obviously desperately needs the "Jewish Vote" and will do whatever it takes to get it.

It must be terrible to know that the only way he can be elected is to carefully deceive the various groups he speaks to. I'm absolutely baffled that so many people who seem to be intelligent are willing to vote for a man who has so little regard for the truth.

Obama wants it both ways, has always wanted it both ways. Black and white, Indonesian and American, Muslim and Christian. He loves playing one off the other, using one to hide the other even as the traces of the truth may be assembled to reveal the whole cloth of deception and self-promotion he has been weaving so skillfully since his childhood. No wonder he is a man of change. He IS a changeling, a veritable chameleon, adapting and amending his life story to fit the circumstances.

It would take a large book just to record all of the false statements, half-truths and contradictory positions he has taken in this campaign.