Sunday, May 6, 2007

Who killed those people in Kansas?

F-5 Tornado wipes out Kansas Town

GREENSBURG, Kan. (May 6) - Searchers resumed their work after daylight Sunday, looking for anyone who might have been trapped by a tornado that wiped out this South Central Kansas town. Saturday night’s rash of storms added to the anxiety as state officials confirmed eight tornadoes touching down in central and southern Kansas and the National Weather Service reported dozens more.

Nine people died in a tornado Friday, then 8 more on Saturday. Over a hundred were seriously injured, and every business along the town’s main street has been demolished. All that remains are steel girders, tattered insulation, and splintered wood. The town’s fire engines were crushed. Debris from Friday night’s tornado was blown back into the streets.

As Sunday morning broke here, all the churches have been destroyed. Scores of people had been injured, Among the few structures that survived was the Bar H Tavern, the town’s lone bar.

Questions: “Why was good people killed, injuried, and all the churches destroyed but a local bar left intact?” Did God have anything to do with it? Who is in charge of our world anyway? In a few days I will post my answer to this.

In the meantime, what do you think about it? Please post your thoughts or questions about it.